Stubborn Stones take control and refuse to give up

On a bright Sunny afternoon, a capacity crowd in good voice brought forth a game of two sides battling to stay in the National League.

The prize, three valuable points and a chance to dream of survival in this very competitive league.

Today, the atmosphere felt different. An air of quiet of atmosphere pervaded the crowd.

Bobby Joe Taylor returned to the starting 11 alongside a home debut to loan signing Stuart Lewis.

The game started with the Stones applying much of the pressure, but still the crucial opening goal evaded them despite having most of the possession and chances in the first half.

The second half brought with it continued passion, support and good voice from the Stones players who were working hard for each other.

It was not long before the opening goal came from Delano Sam Yorke currently on loan from Woking with a goal that brought much relief and screams of delight from both players and fans.

The players huddled together in a real team hug that signified the amount of unity in the team, that they are playing for each other and all realised just how much a victory was needed.

The match then got turned on its head when against the run of play a long ball and pure strength from Torquay substitute Brett Williams to push Coyle from the ball and deliver a clinical finish that initially stunned a bouyant home crowd.

The Stones players initially shocked, fell into a few moments of panic but something was different today. The experienced players got hold of the rest of the team and woke them up. Suddenly the Stones got back their confidence and the self-belief returned in abundance.

Pax appeared on the edge of the box and a strike to the top right-hand corner delivered what we all thought was a killer blow to Torquay’s comeback.

Torquay were down but not out and a challenge in the box deep into the half brought with it a penalty and a huge sigh from the Stones faithful, the voice groans echoed not again around the stadium. Time slowed and as Worgan danced around on his line with an air of confidence, something in the air seemed to suggest today would be different.

Silence, the refs whistle and then cheers after Worgan dived to his right with an outstretched right hand, saved and then grabbed the ball at the second attempt.

Cheers of relief echoed around the ground and shouts of passion as the day was won the Stones had returned to winning ways.

Passion, experience, determination and ability had won the day.

Final score Stones 2 Torquay United 1













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