Do we have a good Tannoy system at the Gallagher Stadium?

With many areas of the ground only catching what sometimes sounds like a mumble from the Gallagher stadium tannoy system and with the new stand taking shape I felt it my duty to shout about a new tannoy system, are we getting one or is this just a pipe dream?

As a Stones fan for me this is one of things the ground can improve on.   Legend has it that a penalty in the long distant past destroyed one the tannoys surely not with our shooting, maybe someone knows the legend?

In the interests of safety though a good ground tannoy system would keep everyone informed on crowd information, any announcements and whether I have won the score time draw first prize.

Hearing the announcement of the Stones first eleven, scorers and crowd capacity information would bring cheers from highly vocal Stones faithful.

This gives me an idea what about Tannoy-supporter banter?

Announcer: Today, wearing our No1 shirt, Lee…

Supporters: … Worgan!

Surely this would be a crowd pleaser.

Surely there must be a way that this can be either brought in as part of the new stand upgrade, or are at least plans afoot to provide one in the future.


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