Player ratings Maidstone United vs Aldershot Town

Lee Worgan – Steady game for Lee, could he have gotten to the free-kick? I would have to see it again it was a good free kick. Rating 6

Seth Nana Twumasi – Looked solid, at the back always puts in a good shift and works hard. Confident on the ball and willing to take players on. Rating 7

Jamie Coyle – Won a lot of aerial balls and had a steady performance, unlucky not to score in the second half. Rating 7

Anthony Acheampong – Steady game for me needs to be a bit more confident on the ball, but strong and good in the air. Rating 6

Tom Mills – Good game for me worked hard and played much better second half, really starting to gel at this level. Rating 7

Reece Prestedge – Worked hard in the midfield, added a physical presence but with the central midfield overloaded in my view it just needed Paxman alongside him. Rating 7

Stuart Lewis – Drifted in and out of the game and can play much better than this. Looked better in spells in the second half. Rating 6

Jack Paxman – Worked hard always chasing down play and looking to get forward. Wrongly substituted in my view should have stayed on the pitch. Rating 7

Bobby Joe Taylor – Worked hard got forward well and caused the Aldershot Town team problems, should have remained on the pitch. Rating 7

Jamar Loza – Good turn of pace, tricks caused Aldershot Town problems, should have crossed early first half when he had done all the hard work. Has loads of ability should be shooting more often when near or in the box. Rating 6

The central midfield did not communicate well and much of the time of the midfield was caught of position. An overloaded central midfield did not work for me today.

Joe Pigott – Highly disappointing game, drifted in and out of the game at times seemed to go wandering at times avoiding play. Can play better but next game should be benched as for me Delano Sam-Yorke caused more problems when he came on. Not sure he will be a prolific goal scorer on this basis hopefully proves me wrong. Rating 5

Delano Sam-Yorke – Caused problems when he came on, really do rate this player he is strong, fast, and powerful. Delano Sam-Yorke for me should have been put on a lot sooner and in place of Joe Pigott. Rating 7

Vas Karagiannis –  Not on the pitch long enough so no rating will be provided.

Alex Flisher – Not too bad from Flisher, good strong effort hit the cross bar would have been a cracking goal, keep working hard. Rating 6

Stones Fan MOM – Tough one this week as for me no one was outstanding there were some better performances so I am going for Tom Mills.

I have gone with Tom as I feel he always puts a shift in and works hard and had a consistent second half.

Stones Fan Team Rating: 5 – Average performance but a better performance than last weekend, poor finishing again has cost us the game. The Stones were quiet today at times, out of position, lacking in confidence when in front of goal. The defence was not solely to blame today the support from the centre of midfield was at sometimes good but most of the time when possession was lost and players needed to get behind the ball, this was slow and suffered from a lack of challenges in the midfield to close players down before reaching our box. A lack of communication in the midfield did not help.

Joe Pigott should have been substituted for Delano Sam-Yorke, Vas Karagiannis should have come on for Lewis and I would have pushed Jamar Loza up front with Delano Sam-Yorke.

Stones Fan Happiness: 5 – Average we worked hard at times but a lack of communication, positional play, ability to hit the target, confidence to shoot on sight, ability to close down players in the midfield when losing possession in attack particularly in the second half caused us problems.














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