Stones Fan Blog – Who is your Maidstone United top league goal scorer prediction for the 2016/2017 season?

Who is your Maidstone United top goal scorer prediction for the 2016/2017 season?

I know it is still early days yet and we still have fifteen games until the end of the National League football season but I could not resist the opportunity to make a prediction for Maidstone United’s top scorer for the 2016/2017 season.

At the end of this blog is a poll to have your say on who you feel will be crowned top league goal scorer of Maidstone United for the 2016/2017 season. This is league goals only cup goals do not count for this prediction.

We know goals have been hard to come by this season but the flood gates will open so and our Maidstone United side will eventually start hitting the back of the net.

There several faces that I see are in the race for this title and now I will run through the candidates who I feel will be chasing top goal scorer for Maidstone United.

Candidate 1 – Jack Paxman

In midfield, we have Jack Paxman the hard working, energetic midfielder with an eye for goal. Jack has already scored five goals this season and is my tip to score more.

Candidate 2 – Jamar Loza

Jamar Loza the tricky winger, has pace, skill, creativity, and the ability to grab the odd goal or two in a game. Jamar Loza has certainly got the ability to place the ball in the net.

Candidate 3 – Alex Flisher

Alex Flisher not only has strength, power, and a long throw to his game he also can hit the ball with pace, power, and direction. I am sure it won’t be long now before another net bursting Flisher finish adds to this young player’s tally.

Candidate 4 – Joe Pigott – Loan player

This lad has a point to prove, he is tall, quick, and good in the air. Joe Pigott just need the goals to prove it.

Candidate 5 – Bobby Joe Taylor

Tricky winger Bobby Joe Taylor knows where the net is and is not afraid to have a dig when in a good position, he is also our main penalty taker so goals will come to Bobby Joe Taylor but will he score enough to be the best.

Candidate 6 – Yemi Odubade

Yemi Odubade is due back from injury soon and we certainly could do with his pace, power and finishing prowess. This little pack of dynamite really is for me the ace card up our sleeve he works hard and is a real handful for defences.

Yemi Odubade is my prediction for Maidstone United top goalscorer and I predict Yemi will add seven to his current league tally of four and will score eleven league goals this season in total.

Here is my final breakdown on all the candidates my top six league goal scorers for Maidstone United 2016/2017 season.

Name Prediction Current
Yemi Odubade 11 4
Bobby Joe Taylor 10 6
Jack Paxman 8 2
Jamar Loza 7 2
Joe Pigott 7 0
Alex Flisher 6 4

Considering we have only fifteen games remaining if we average more than a goal a game I will be one happy Stones fan.

The gauntlet has been laid down, now let’s see who takes the mantel of Maidstone United’s league top goal scorer for the 2016/2017 season.

Come on you Stones!!!

Who do you feel will be crowned top league goal scorer for Maidstone United this season?


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