Stones Fan Blog Player Ratings Maidstone United vs Chester

Lee Worgan – Called into action a few times and made a few vital saves to ensure that Maidstone United remained in charge. Rating 8

Seth Nana Twumasi – Another impressive game from Seth, always causing problems coming forward and solid in his defensive duties. Consistent player who is a real asset to the side. Rating 9

Kevin Lokko – A good solid performance from the centre back, making vital headers and interceptions during the game. Loko really looked like he was enjoying his football today. Scored two good goals, the first got the momentum going and was more like a striker’s finish. Rating 9

Jamie Coyle – A solid performance from Coyle. Rating 8

Tom Mills – Did not really get forward enough today steady game today. Rating 7

Alex Flisher – The additional training has clearly benefited Flisher, his strength and power on the ball as well as his ability to win the ball in the air caused Chester a lot of problems. Rating 10

Reece Prestedge – The more games Reece gets under his belt for the Stones the more I like this player, he works hard he is good in the challenge has good awareness and links excellently with Lewis in the midfield. Rating 9

Stuart Lewis – An excellent game from Lewis, another player who has good positional awareness led the midfield with Reece Prestedge. Rating 9

Jack Paxman – Another excellent game from the Jack, the lad has so much energy going forward and covering. With Lewis and Prestedge providing support could get forward and cause Chester problems. Contract extension for Jack Paxman was extremely shrewd by Jay Saunders and he will only get better. Rating 9

Joe Pigott- Gaining in confidence and todays goal will help and hopefully bring more. Worked hard of the ball and won a few headers. Rating 8

Delano Sam-Yorke – Caused all sorts of problems with Joe Pigott up front. Chester found the pacey strong forward extremely hard to deal with. Always a threat on the ball in and around the box. Rating 9


Bobby Joe Taylor – Not on for that long so difficult to rate, the tricky winger gave the Chester defence something else to worry about. Rating 7

Jamar Loza – Not on for that long so difficult to rate, offered another dimension going forward. Rating 7

Jake McCarthy – Finally came on towards the end of the game, to be fair the side was playing so well he was brought on to shore up the midfield. No rating due to lack of time on the pitch to provide a fair rating.

Stones Fan MOM – Alex Flisher is my man of the match this week his performance today justified his starting eleven position and he made the most of the opportunity.

Stones Fan Team Rating – A superb performance from the team, the standing ovation at the end of the first half after the four-goal fest that shell shocked the Chester side was magnificent to see and hear. The confidence, awareness, communication, and pure ability were there for all to see. The Stones played more like a side positioned towards the top end of the table.

Second half things changed a little and Chester were always expected to cause the Stones problems however the ship was steadied and in the end, it was a comfortable victory.

Only the odd one or two changes to the side are bringing consistency and today proved that Stones team can score a lot of goals.









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