Maidstone United vs Forest Green match preview

Today Maidstone United take on Forest Green in their last away game of the National League season.

The match will be an opportunity for the Stones to challenge one of the best sides in the National League.

Playoff contenders Forest Green will be a tough challenge for the Stones but Maidstone United should embrace the challenge and see just how far this squad can push themselves.

With two upcoming home games against Lincoln City and Tranmere Rovers it will be an opportunity for the Stones to see how close they are too being a play-off hopeful next season.

Maidstone United should look to win all three games with the Squad they have.

Jay Saunders will already be thinking of his squad for next season and the Stones players should see these three games as the opportunity to shine, and reinforce their case for a new contract.

Forest Green Rovers 1 – 2 Maidstone United

The Stones will produce a battling performance and prove to the National League that they can be a real threat to the big teams next season.





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