Stones Fan Blog my player of the season

Maidstone United’s first season in the National League has been a success.

However, this fairy tale story could have ended so differently.

All the loan signings that Jay Saunders made had an impact in some way, some having a bigger impact than others.

The loan players that changed Maidstone’s fortunes for the better in my view were Stuart Lewis, Reece Prestedge and Joe Pigott.

It was the entire management team and playing squad that ensured safety but without these three players in the side would Maidstone United have survived in the National League?

In my view probably not, that is why I choose my player of the season from these three contenders.

Joe Pigott has been a valuable signing.

A good intelligent holding player, who reads the game well bringing other players into play.

Joe Pigott has also scored several crucial goals, and you would expect a player of his calibre to achieve double figures in this league given a full season.

It is in midfield where I believe we have seen the biggest change.

The midfield lacked important experience and leadership.

The great Manchester United teams had the likes of Bryan Robson, Roy Keane, Paul Ince all great midfield leaders.

Players that have covered themselves in glory over the years all influencing players. These are players that have mentored young midfielders and made them great.

Like some of the great midfield players of today N’Golo Kante being one that springs to mind the role of the midfielder is to win the ball, break up play and provide cover to the back four.

The midfielder’s role has become more encompassing over the years.

Today ideally midfielders are expected to score goals, make assists, and defend.

Reece Prestedge and Stuart Lewis have these characteristics to their game.

So, it is between these two that I have decided to make my decision.

Both players are very similar but for me Lewis stands out on the pitch. His passion and leadership is more visual and this has been noted by the fans.

Stones Fan Blog Player of the Season: Stuart Lewis.

Well done and congratulations to the entire squad and management team for a fantastic season.

Come on you Stones!!!


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